14 Best Vegan Ground Beef Recipes You Need To Try!

Switching to meatless mince meat can be a huge change to make, and whilst you can simply substitute it in places where you would usually use ground beef, sometimes it can be nice to make a change and try to discover a whole host of new recipes for you to enjoy!

14 Best Vegan Ground Beef Recipes You Need To Try!

So, whether you’re using a store bought brand of vegan ground beef, or you’ve found a recipe and decided to make your own, we’ve gone out and found some of the tastiest and most exciting recipes out there for you to try using your vegan ground beef, hopefully, if you’re struggling for inspiration on what to cook, then these will help!

1. Vegan Classic Meatloaf

If you’re longing for that classic meatloaf recipe, but without the use of any actual meat, then this recipe is most certainly going to please you!

So if you miss Mom’s old recipe, then you might just find that this recipe hits the spot, or is in fact even better than that old recipe you used to have! (Just don’t tell your Mom that!) 

This extremely delicious recipe is a great dish and will be able to find its way onto your dinner table alongside a whole different variety of side dishes.

So whether it’s for a special occasion or just your normal Sunday dinner, this recipe is sure to become a firm favorite both for you and your family or guests! 

2. Vegan Chili Mac

Nothing quite says comfort food like a chili mac, and there’s a good chance that you might have been missing this dish quite a bit since becoming vegan.

Well, this recipe is here to bring back that nostalgic feeling, so if you’re looking for that bit of comfort on a cold evening or on a bad day, then this recipe has you covered for sure. 

This recipe might have swapped the meat and dairy out for vegan alternatives, but it still has that gorgeous flavor that you know and love, so don’t think that just because it’s undergone some changes since you last had it that it won’t taste delicious. 

The addition of some crushed tortilla chips over the top of this delicious bake is what helps to really affirm this dish as a comforting favorite, and one that we’re sure will soon become a go to dish in your house!

3. Vegan Lasagna

Another classic dish revolutionized for those who are vegan, this lasagna is going to be a certified crowd pleaser for sure, and despite all of the changes made to the classic dish to ensure that it’s suitable for vegans, you won’t notice the change in flavor or taste whatsoever! 

This recipe calls for some pretty interesting ingredients, including dairy-free ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan, all of which are going to ensure that this vegan dish is still full of that super delicious creamy and cheesy taste that it has become so well known for!

So if you’re looking to vegan-ize some of the old recipes that you used to know and love, then what better place to start than the lasagne? 

4. Vegan Bolognese Sauce

The key to the best bolognese possible is through a super meaty and hearty sauce,  which is why so many people don’t believe that it is actually possible to recreate this delicious sauce as a vegan, but this recipe is here to prove the doubters wrong!

Even as a vegan, this dish is as simple as ever, and is still full of all the delicious flavor that it usually would be.

The secret to this sauce is to replace the traditional heavy cream found in most bolognese sauces with non-dairy milk or creamer, which will ensure that your sauce is still thick and creamy. 

As usual, make use of your favorite vegan ground beef mince option, whether that’s one you’ve bought from the store, or one you’ve made yourself, and add this sauce to some delicious spaghetti noodles for the perfect midweek meal!

5. Vegan Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Need a super hearty and delicious dinner made at short notice?

Then this dish is going to be the savior to those evening panics about what you’re going to eat, plus it’s super healthy and much cheaper than succumbing to ordering takeout!

Even if you don’t have the time to bake the potatoes (Although we really recommend that you do, as nothing quite beats the flavor and texture that a long bake in the oven gives them), then you can always put them into the microwave in order to help speed up the process. 

So with the sweet potato, beans in the chili, and the protein from the plant-based beef, this dish is both quick, hearty, and healthy!

6. One Pot Cheesy Taco Pasta

One of the most annoying things about cooking is the sheer amount of mess that is often made, especially when you’re making something more elaborate.

This is why this dish is perfect for the days when you just really can’t be bothered, but you still want something hearty and warm. 

This fact that you can easily cook this meal in your instant pot or on top of your stove is what makes this dish so family friendly. Why spend ages cleaning up when there’s family time to be had!

So for something quick, easy to clean up after, and delicious, you can’t go too far wrong with this dish!

7. Vegan Picadillo

Looking for something to really spice up your normal food routine? Then this vegan take on a Cuban classic is sure to add something different to your usual dishes.

Made with tempeh, lentils, and potatoes, this dish is flooded with flavor and will have something for everyone. 

Another great thing about this dish is just how customizable it is, this recipe calls for the addition of raisins, capers, and olives, but you can always add or remove things as you wish, so you can really make it your own! 

8. Vegan Goulash

Cozy and delicious, this goulash consists of plenty of veggies, pasta, and of couse, plant-based beef, plus you can make it all in one pot and it takes just about 30 minutes to cook, so what’s not to love about it? 

So, even the fussiest of eaters will take a liking to this dish, and considering that it’s so healthy, it should definitely make its way into your weekly cooking plan! 

9. Vegan Cabbage Soup

Want to make the most of the winter vegetables alongside your amazing vegan beef alternative? Then this vegan cabbage soup has everything you need to combat those winter blues and stay warm!

This dish is best paired with some delicious homemade bread, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not pair it with some vegan garlic knots instead?

This will be sure to keep your warm, and it’s an easy addition to make too. 

10. Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

Typically, this is the sort of dish meat eaters would use to repel vegans away, however with this recipe, you too can get in on the action with this gorgeous vegan Philly cheesesteak recipe, except this one is without any of the cruelty behind it too! 

The key to this recipe is to add exactly the same spices you would when usually making this dish, and ensuring that you choose a quality vegan cheese too. 

11. Plant Protein Tacos

With so many different beef style vegan crumbles on the market, we think it’d be somewhat rude not to include a delicious and spicy plant protein taco recipe on this list!

Tacos make such good use of ground beef, and the combination of the meat and the spices included is what makes the tacos so great.

However, it works just as well with plenty of the beef alternatives on the market, so if you feel like you’re missing out on the meatiness of Taco Tuesday, then this recipe is going to be a winner!

12. Vegan Meat Lovers Pizza

Ever miss that gorgeous meat lover’s pizza? Well there’s no need to!

By swapping out the normal cheese for a non-dairy alternative, and making use of a variety of plant based meat alternatives, you can make this slightly contradictory pizza all for yourself!

13. Vegan Burger Salad

If you’re craving the taste of a burger but you also want the freshness of a salad, then this recipe will satisfy two cravings at once!

With all of the traditional burger toppings as well as your favorite salad bits, this dish is the perfect way to bridge the gap between junk food and healthy eating. 

14. Vegan Egg Roll

Want a tasty Asian-inspired dish in 20 minutes? Then this recipe is the one for you!

Plant-based ground beef, cabbage, some other veggies, and a delicious Asian sauce make this dish a real treat!

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