10 Best Vegan Mushroom Recipes You Need To Try!

Mushrooms are a popular accompaniment to any meal, whether you are vegan or not.

10 Best Vegan Mushroom Recipes You Need To Try!

Yet when you are following a vegan diet it is easy to add mushrooms to anything. However, on the outside, this ingredient can look quite dull and boring.

Yet, really, mushrooms have their own unique earthy flavor which are also extremely quick to prepare and cook. 

If you are bored with eating the same mushroom dishes, then we have the answer for you! We have put together 10 of the best vegan mushroom recipes that you ought to try.

Especially, if you feel as if you are in a rut and want to try something a bit different. 

1. Mushroom Bourguignon

Sweet little button mushrooms and hearty, thick portabello are used in this recipe.

They are then seared and sautéed with traditional and aromatic herbs like thyme.

Then a few swigs of red wine, and a small amount of butter is added. This helps to produce a slow cooker effect and flavor. 

The cooking time for this recipe is about 30 minutes, and very little preparation is required.

Your home will smell delicious and full of delicious fragrances. You can choose to serve this with rice or mashed potatoes.

However, this is the quickest and simplest comfort food to prepare on those cold winter nights.

2. Miso Soup

The original health food, miso soup is a simple, umami-rich soup dish.

Created with fermented bean paste that has been sustaining the Japanese for centuries. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare this delectable vegan soup

A traditional Japanese spice paste known as miso is prepared from fermented soybeans.  It has a distinctive salty, umami flavor.

Making miso soup is the ideal opportunity to try out some of the unusual, loose mushroom kinds that you ordinarily ignore when grocery shopping.

You don’t need to buy a lot of them, and their subtle flavor will be the star in this straightforward recipe.

3. Wild Mushroom Garlic Pizza

Using fresh thyme, garlic, as well as a creamy garlic base, and wild mushrooms are all you need for this ultimate mushroom pizza. 

Three different kinds of mushrooms, including white, oyster, and baby portabellos, are utilized in this vegan mushroom and garlic white pizza.

However, you are free to use any type of mushroom you wish. 

This pizza has a deep, garlicky, and creamy base. If you increase the amount of sauce that you make, it tastes great with spaghetti and in wraps as well.

Thus, you can use it for other dishes during the week. Due to this recipe creating its own dough, that is what takes the most time. 

You could simply omit this step and use vegan dough that has already been prepared.

In any case, this recipe is quite easy to make and is delicious, filling, and bursting with mushroom flavor.

4. Portabello Steaks

Vegan steaks that are juicy, thick and tasty, with a garlic-soy marinade and a dash of maple syrup.

You can pair these steaks with spaghetti, on the grill, or as a side dish with just almost anything.

Make a simple homemade marinade using only six ingredients to use over Portabello steaks. 

In this dish, making your own marinade makes a huge difference. These mushroom steaks may be eaten with the rest of your supper in only 15 minutes.

The ideal way to prepare them is to grill them, but you may also cook them in your kitchen oven.

The mushrooms may not have as much of a smokey flavor, but they will still taste wonderful anyway.

5. Mushroom Chili

A thick, flavorful, and umami-rich vegan chili recipe loaded with the benefits of black beans, mushrooms, and spices.

Make a big quantity because the next day, after the spices have had the opportunity to combine over the course of the night.

The chili will then taste even better. 

Although you can coarsely slice your mushrooms, you can also grate them in a food processor to get tasty small strips.

When they are simmered down for an hour in this deeply spiced sauce, they become moist and tender.

You decide how you want to serve the chili. There are several choices available.

It can be put inside a burrito, served on a piece of cornbread, drizzled on nachos, served with rice, or placed in taco shells.

6. One Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta

This incredibly simple Vegan One Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta just takes 15 minutes to prepare and a few basic pantry ingredients.

Fry off our mushrooms of choice, garlic and shallots. Then simply bring a kettle to a boil, then add the spaghetti, boiling water, and your preferred dairy-free milk.

The milk may initially begin to somewhat curdle, but if you persevere, you’ll produce a beautifully creamy mushroom pasta sauce.

If you prefer a little variety, you can substitute penne, shells, or any other type of pasta for the spaghetti.

A minute or two before the spaghetti is done, you can also add some greens to provide more color to the dish.

A great way to use any leftover vegetables.

7. Asparagus Mushroom Quiche

Vegetables and plant-based protein are abundant in this vegan asparagus quiche, which will keep you feeling full.

There are only five basic steps and 50 minutes required to prepare and cook this dish.

To prepare this vegan quiche, you only need a few basic ingredients and some fresh vegetables. 

You can add any vegetables you like, but the colors of the asparagus contrast nicely with the quiche’s golden interior and the dark-hued mushrooms.

Bell peppers could also be added to this recipe to give it more color and taste.

A combination of silken tofu and chickpea flour is combined to make the “eggy” substance.

Since a crust is not required, this dish is straightforward in every way. This meal makes delicious leftovers.

It also contains a lot of tasty and nutritious vegetables.

8. Mushroom Burgers

Although making vegetarian burgers isn’t difficult, it does take some work to get the ingredients to stick together.

For a vegetarian burger that won’t crumble, start by very finely cutting the vegetables.

However, it is suggested to use a food processor to finely chop the vegetables in order to make this step easier.

Mushrooms, bread crumbs, celery, black beans, carrots, brown rice, onion, and garlic are the main ingredients in these burgers.

The umami flavor of a salty hamburger is somewhat enhanced by soy sauce and nutritional yeast.

The inclusion of ground chia seeds helps the mixture suck up extra moisture and keep these patties firm. 

While, the mashed beans and rice, bread crumbs, and other ingredients bind the components and stiffen everything up.

These mushroom patties are delicious, and full of goodness. 

9. Cabbage Rolls With Wild Rice Mushroom Stuffing

Vegetarian cabbage rolls are stuffed with a flavorful mixture of wild rice and mushrooms, then baked until they are soft.

Golubtsi, or traditional cabbage rolls, are typically stuffed with beef or pork, rice, and different seasonings.

Instead, this recipe uses a combination of wild rice as the filling to make this version vegan.

The filling is enhanced by a few herbs, the umami-rich mushrooms, and the nutty rice.

This combination is wrapped in cabbage leaves, covered in a fragrant and thick tomato sauce, and baked until tender.

You can prepare this recipe ahead of time and bake it right before serving. 

They also make fantastic leftovers, to be eaten for lunch or dinner the next day!

10. Mushroom Barley Soup

This hearty, substantial, and healthy mushroom barley soup is simple to cook and ideal for chilly winter days.

It takes only one hour to make and only a few simple ingredients.

Additionally, you can simply substitute rice for barely if you don’t like it. The flavors in this soup are strong and bold. 

The browning of the onions is what helps to create a real depth of flavor. 

Additionally, if you want to reduce the amount of dishes to be cleaned, you can try this recipe in a single pot as well.

Yet normally this recipe only uses two pans at most!

Final Thoughts

Mushrooms are a really healthy and delicious ingredient to use in vegan cooking.

They are extremely versatile and really quick and easy to cook in a variety of ways.

You can even use mushrooms as a substitute to meat to make patties, bacon and steaks.

Not only is there a wide variety of mushrooms that you can choose from for your cooking, yet they all have their own unique and delicious flavors and a soft texture. 

We have given you a broad range of mushroom recipes that you ought to try, when you get bored by your usual mushroom recipes. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and discovered a new mushroom recipe to try tonight!

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