10 Deliciously Vegan Magic Bullet Smoothie Recipes To Try Today

The Magic Bullet is the ideal blender when it comes to making smoothies.

This is because it does such a great job at blending the ingredients into a smooth and thick consistency. You don’t just have to make smoothies in your Magic Bullet, you could also make dips and sauces as well 

10 Deliciously Vegan Magic Bullet Smoothie Recipes To Try Today

However, this article is all about vegan smoothies that you can make with your Magic Bullet. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate even more fruit and even vegetables into your diet.

They often contain a lot less sugar and are overall much healthier, but also full of nutrients. In addition, they are packed with lots of flavor as well.

In this article, we have gone through the top 10 most delicious vegan Magic Bullet smoothies that you need to try!

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

You’ll adore this almost-shake-like smoothie made with almond milk, bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter. If you prefer a more chocolaty flavor, swap your preferred milk for chocolate almond milk.

You might also include dairy-free chocolate chips for an extra chocolate hit.

You might also include dairy-free chocolate chips for an extra chocolate hit. Additionally, if you are allergic to peanuts, swap this out for a nut butter that you are able to tolerate.

The result will remain unchanged. This smoothie is quite dense and delicious. Make it a treat or incorporate it into your daily routine. 

Despite the fact that it is absolutely full of chocolate, the major source of sweetness is maple syrup. This can be changed to suit your preferences.

2. Coffee Smoothie

Smooth and creamy, this vegan coffee smoothie comes together in just five minutes. Ideal for those who want their coffee and breakfast in one.

Amazingly simple to make, just blend 5 ingredients in your Magic Bullet for a few minutes to combine your morning coffee and smoothie. 

The bananas must be frozen before blending, which is crucial. This will assist in achieving the ideal thick texture. Additionally, the almond butter is a great complement to the coffee flavor.

Although, you can substitute your almond butter for peanut butter if you don’t have any on hand.

3. Creamy Blackberry Smoothie

The fresh berries and frozen banana give this blackberry banana breakfast smoothie a creamy texture and a taste of fresh fruit. Although it also contains greens and flaxseed.

If the seeds aren’t your thing, you should pre-blend your blackberries and strain them out, or you can leave them in. 

You may be skeptical, but this recipe uses lettuce leaves. Yet, the taste and feel of the lettuce leaves are remarkably undetectable due to their mild flavor.

In addition to that, a banana is used to help provide the thick texture, and it also has nutritional benefits. 

Adjust the milk substitute up or down. This will depend on how thin or thick you like your smoothie to be. Yet this won’t affect the flavor at all. 

4. Green Protein Power Breakfast Smoothie

The ideal morning pick-me-up to start the day off right is this Green Protein Power Breakfast Smoothie. The combination of banana, mango, and spinach natural sugars, minerals and vitamins, really helps to brighten you up.

While the protein and healthy fats from the hemp hearts and pumpkin seeds assist to keep you feeling full. 

If you want to occasionally change the flavor of this smoothie. You may use different fruits and vegetables or even nuts and seeds.

There’s a lot of room to customize this recipe to include flavors that you enjoy. While it retains its green color and nutritious benefits at the same time. 

5. Triple Berry Protein Smoothie

The ideal way to start your day is with this delectable berry protein smoothie. Full of healthy fats, low-sugar berries, vegetables, and vegan plant protein dairy.

To add the most fiber, sweetness, and minerals, a combination of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries is used. 

Avocado and cauliflower rice, give the smoothie its creamy texture without the addition of a banana. Furthermore, neither of these components can be tasted at all.

You can choose to add protein powder to this smoothie if you want to. You might include it in your post-workout meal if you are an athlete or enjoy going to the gym. If not, you can enjoy this soothing drink as is.  

Full of berry flavor and a pleasing color to look at. It’ll only take 5 minutes or less in your Magic Bullet to make. 

6. Tropical Green Smoothie

Enjoy this hydrating tropical green smoothie to replenish your fluids. Mangoes, bananas, spinach and coconut, are used to make it truly delicious.

As a result, it takes only 5 minutes to prepare for a filling and energizing breakfast or lunchtime meal. There are many different ways to make this smoothie. 

Add extra chia seeds, nut butter, or your preferred protein powder for more protein. Almond butter is effective for a bigger protein hit as well. 

For their capacity to improve mood and vitality, you might also think about including Maca Powder and Ashwagandha Powder. 

This smoothie is bursting with tropical flavors and is also extremely refreshing. The spices add a slight heat, but a lot more flavor to these simple but tasty ingredients. 

7.  Blueberry Avocado Banana Smoothie

This avocado smoothie, with blueberries, can brighten your morning and your skin. It is rich, creamy, and nutrient-dense. Avocado is a fantastic ingredient to use in your smoothies.

This is because of their healthful fats, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to that, they help to create a smoothie that is lusciously creamy like a milkshake. While it is filling enough to keep you satisfied.

On its own, avocado can taste dull and have a weird texture in a smoothie. Yet when combined with the appropriate additives, it tastes scrumptious and decadent.

Additionally, blueberries disguise the green tint. Thus, any skeptics who are wary of green smoothies won’t know what’s up.

8. Sweet Lemon-Turmeric Smoothie

It’s quite simple to prepare but is incredibly energizing, particularly as a healthy snack. With the addition of some heat and kick from the turmeric, it has the ideal ratio of acidic and sweet flavors.

Despite the fact that lemons are often rather tart, this smoothie is not at all tart. Thanks to the dates, dairy-free yogurt (Check out this Mango Coconut Lassi Recipe Here), and bananas, there is sweetness. 

Overall, you should try this smoothie because it is filling and healthy. There is no need to worry about the seeds of the lemon, as your Magic Bullet will be able to blend through them easily.

Although, if you are worried you can always remove them, you start blending. 

9. Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

This is a smoothie that is vegan and has the ideal amount of sweetness. Making this delicious beverage only takes a few minutes. In this recipe, gluten-free oats and fresh strawberries go perfectly together.

This smoothie can be made with little to no additional sweetness. Your strawberries’ freshness will determine this, therefore the sweeteners are optional.

You are free to add any type of milk that you have in the fridge. You might use rice milk or almond milk as examples. Unsweetened vanilla-flavored milks are also reported to be effective.

Once more, they provide just the adequate amount of sugar without being excessive or feeling heavy.

10. Toasted Coconut Smoothie

Bananas and dates are used to sweeten this sugar-free toasted coconut smoothie. It has a tinge of the exotic thanks to the vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric.

This smoothie is made with coconut that has been lightly toasted, which is a crucial step. Also, this recipe includes a banana, an orange, dates, turmeric, ground ginger, vanilla extract, cinnamon and the nut milk of your choice.  

With this smoothie, you’ll be whisked away to a warm, tropical location. To increase the flavor of the coconuts in the smoothie, it is crucial to toast your coconut.

If not, it can easily be overlooked among all the other ingredients. However, toasting your coconut will take mere seconds, and it won’t affect the overall time to make your smoothie. 


Your Magic Bullet is a powerful device, which can make all types of smoothies easily. All the recipes that we have mentioned above can be created using your Magic Bullet blender at home.

You can easily customize these recipes to include fruits, vegetables or flavors that you enjoy the most. 

However, they will all taste amazing and only take at most 5 minutes to create. In addition, these smoothies have lots of health benefits thanks to all the fruits you are using.

We also have included some not so healthy smoothies, so you have a broad range of recipes to pick between. 

We hope that this article has been insightful. Now you have 10 delicious vegan smoothie recipes that you can make using your Magic Bullet blender. 

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