How To Cook Jackfruit

When prepared correctly, jackfruit is overflowing with taste, juicy and luscious, and has crispy edges that can compete with any barbecued pork available.

Jackfruit can be watery, tasteless, and unpleasant when improperly prepared. It all comes down to the method of cooking and the quality of the sauce.

How To Cook Jackfruit

You can’t go wrong if you have the knowledge that this tutorial will provide. Read on to learn how to make some delicious jackfruit!

How To Cook

We are certain that we have found the best jackfruit cooking method after experimenting with multiple methods.

It has the ideal texture and the best taste possible without needing you to spend all day in the kitchen.


  • Non-stick skillet
  • Sheet pan
  • Tongs


  • 2 20 ounce cans of green jackfruit in brine
  • 2 cups of sauce of your choice, such as barbecue or teriyaki
  • Avocado oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Drain the jackfruit and add it to a bowl. Use your hands to break the jackfruit into shreds that resemble pulled pork.
  3. Add the jackfruit and sauce to a large nonstick skillet. Bring the mixture to a simmer. 
  4. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the jackfruit has absorbed all of the sauce and the pan is dry, but the jackfruit is still moist.
  5. Grab a baking sheet and drizzle on some avocado oil. Use a paper towel to spread out the avocado oil and evenly coat the baking sheet. 
  6. Transfer the jackfruit to the baking sheet and spread it out into one even layer. 
  7. Bake for 20 minutes or until the edges are crispy.

Jackfruit Cooking Tips

Prepping The Jackfruit

It’s simple to make jackfruit look exactly like pulled pork.

All you need to do is drain your jackfruit and add it into a bowl. Then, use your hands to break it into shreds. 

Don’t be afraid to get your hand dirty!

Getting The Perfect Texture

Looking for the slightly crispy ends like on real BBQ? It’s easy!

Transfer the jackfruit to an oiled sheet pan and bake in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes to crisp up the edges.

This will give you jackfruit with the perfect texture, as if it came straight off the grill.

Creating Flavor

Once prepared, place the jackfruit in a non-stick skillet and top with your preferred sauce to give it a flavorful boost.

We advise mixing one part sauce and one part water if the sauce is thicker, such as sweet and sour or barbecue.

For the jackfruit to simmer, the sauce needs to be thin enough. This tenderizes the jackfruit and thoroughly infuses flavor into it, resulting in a luscious finished product.

You’ll have a delicious dish if you simmer the jackfruit until it has absorbed all the sauce.

Jackfruit Recipes To Try

1. BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Burger With Apple Slaw

Check out this fantastic pulled jackfruit burger recipe that is vegan! With a sweet, fruity flavor, this simple BBQ jackfruit is incredibly meaty.

Even the most carnivorous family members will be impressed by this ideal meatless comfort dish.

2. Sri Lankan Jackfruit Curry

Make a vegan Sri Lankan feast tonight, with a jackfruit curry recipe direct from a reputable restaurant.

For this classic warming recipe, you’ll need a tin of green jackfruit and lots of fresh spices. This recipe is a terrific way to amaze your friends and try something new.

3. Jackfruit Tacos

These tacos with smoked paprika jackfruit, homemade tomato salsa, avocado, and a tonne of hot chili sauce are amazing!

Whether you’re a vegan or simply cutting out meat for the evening, they make the ideal party food!

How To Cook Jackfruit

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jackfruit?

The largest fruit that is produced on trees is the jackfruit, which can grow to a stunning 1 meter in length and weigh up to 50 kg.

The meaty, delicious pods within are a bright yellow color when fully mature. 

They have a distinct mild flavor that is nearly a cross between numerous tropical fruits, including banana, pineapple, and mango (Check out this Mango & Raspberry Acai Bowl Recipe).

How Do I Pan-Fry Jackfruit?

Pan-frying is a fast and efficient way to cook jackfruit, but might not yield the tastiest results compared to roasting.

To pan-fry jackfruit well, follow these directions:

  1. Fry sliced onions in a pan with a little oil, add minced garlic, 1 chopped red pepper, and cook for 5-7 mins.
  2. Add 1 tin of drained jackfruit, along with a splash of water and a couple of tbsp of bbq sauce.
  3. Cook over medium heat, breaking up the jackfruit with a spoon, for 10 mins, or until the jackfruit is tender.

How Do I Slow Cook Jackfruit?

Your favorite slow cooker meal can be easily modified by using jackfruit in place of the meat or starchy vegetable.

To slow cook jackfruit, follow these directions:

  1. Add all of the ingredients to the bowl of a slow cooker, cook on high for 2-3 hrs before shredding the jackfruit and mixing again. 
  2. Serve with rice, bread, or seasonal vegetables.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Jackfruit?

Jackfruit has a tonne of other advantages despite not being the best protein substitution for vegan meat alternatives.

Magnesium and Vitamin C are abundant in it, which may help lower the risk of heart disease and other health issues like high blood pressure.

This delightful food only has 155 calories per cup when consumed raw, making it a good choice if you’re trying to follow a low-calorie diet.

The same amount also has 39.6g of carbohydrates, 2.4g of protein, and 2.6g of fiber.

Final Word

With this guide, you’ll be able to make a delicious batch of tender jackfruit that’s perfect for a multitude of recipes. Give it a try today and incorporate it into your next vegan meal!

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