What To Add To Mashed Potato For Flavor?

Mashed potatoes are a great food, filling and very comforting. But sometimes they can get a little boring. So if you’ve ever pondered what to add to mashed potato for flavor we’re here to give you some ideas.

What To Add To Mashed Potato For Flavor

From vegetables to spices you’ll never find mashed potatoes boring again.

Best Potatoes For Mashing

The most important ingredient in flavorful mashed potatoes is the potato. Not all varieties of potato are suited to being mashed, so the first step is to find a variety that will mash well.

Ideally your mashed potatoes should be light and fluffy or smooth and creamy. For this you will want to use potatoes such as Yukon Gold or Russets.

Yukon Gold potatoes are ideal for fluffy mash while Russets will give you a creamy and smooth texture. Both of these potato varieties are high in starch.

Cooking Mashed Potatoes

Once you have the right potatoes you will need to cook them in the best way to give you the texture and consistency that you want.

When potatoes are cooking in hot water the starch granules in them begin to swell.

As they do, they absorb the water. By putting salt in the water during cooking you will be adding some flavor even before the potatoes are cooked.

Potatoes like any vegetable that grows under the soil should be put into cold water for cooking. Putting potatoes into hot water initially will result in them cooking unevenly.

For extra flavor you can cook the potatoes in a vegetable stock but make sure you are still adding the potatoes to cold liquid not hot.

Also remember to drain the potatoes properly and don’t leave any of the cooking water in the pot. Once drained, leave them in the warm pot on the stove and shake lightly to encourage them to dry a little.

Adding Flavor To Mashed Potato

Now that you have successfully cooked wonderful potatoes you can begin to add flavor as you are mashing them.

If you are mixing in a dairy free or vegan butter to your potatoes let it come up to room temperature rather than adding it straight from the refrigerator.

This will allow it to blend better and will not cool down your potatoes.

For a great flavor that doesn’t require a huge amount of work you can add some garlic and a handful of chopped chives to your mashed potatoes.

Many people would be happy with just that, but we’re in search of some unusual and interesting things to flavor up our favorite mash.

Vegetables For Added Flavor

Potatoes are a vegan’s best friend, but there are plenty of vegetables queuing to be invited to this mash up.

A really simple but delicious way to add extra flavor to potato mash is to cook your regular potatoes with some sweet potato.

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Not only will this add a wonderfully sweet taste to your mash but will also add to the color.

For a truly comforting dish add some sauteed or roast vegetables to your mashed potatoes.

If you have leftover roast veg from the day before this is a great way to use them up and add some flavor to your potatoes.

Sauteed mushrooms with a little garlic is another great way to add flavor to mashed potatoes and gives it a great texture.

You can also caramelize some onions in a pan by slowly cooking them until they are a rich golden brown color and have released their natural sugars. This gives a fantastic depth of flavor to add to potato mash.

A fabulous way to add fiber to your mashed potatoes is to saute some kale, collared greens or Swiss chard in olive oil. Add some chopped garlic for added flavor.

Spicing It Up

Potatoes are great but on occasion can be a little bland. So why not throw a little spice in the mix to increase the flavor?

A simple way to add heat and a spicy flavor to your mashed potatoes is to incorporate a little mustard.

There are many different types of mustard you can use with varying degrees of heat. Wholegrain, Dijon, or just your favorite mustard will give your mash a great lift.

Horseradish is another wonderful way to spice up your mashed potatoes with very little effort. Depending on how hot you want them you can a little or a lot.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you could add some wasabi powder to mashed potatoes. But if serving to other people, you may want to warn them!

For the bravest of souls, there is always your favorite vegan hot sauce that you can add to your mash to liven it up.

Luxury Flavors For Mashed Potato

For special occasions or maybe just when you feel like treating yourself, you can add some luxury ingredients to your mashed potatoes.

Sun dried tomatoes are delicious on their own, in pasta and in a salad, but have you ever considered adding them to your mash (Also Check out this Vegan Sweet Potato Roasted Brussel Sprout Salad Recipe)? You definitely need to try it, the flavor is incredible.

Natural liquid smoke is something normally added to sauces and marinades. However, it can give your mashed potatoes a serious flavor enhancement.

Try adding a vegan pesto to your mashed potatoes for a touch of luxury and summer flavor.

Nothing is more comforting than cheesy potatoes. Add some vegan mozzarella or cheddar to your hot mashed potatoes and let it melt.

Finally, for a simple but elegant way to add flavor to mashed potatoes, stir in some olive oil, and fresh herbs such as parsley, sage, oregano or thyme.

Final Thoughts

Mashed potatoes are a popular dish for most people, they are nutritious and inexpensive and so make a great staple food. But eating them often can mean getting bored with the taste.

By adding some of our suggestions to your next batch of mashed potatoes, you can keep enjoying this wonderful vegetable with some exciting new flavors.

Go on, give them a try!

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