Apple And Beetroot Juice

If you want an immune boosting but delicious juice then you have come to the right place. We’re going to show you how to make apple and beetroot juice. 

How To Make Apple And Beetroot Juice

Perhaps not quite what you were thinking of but trust us, you’ll be glad you found this recipe. 

Is Apple & Beetroot Juice Good For You?

Apple and beetroot juice is very good for you. It is full of vitamins and minerals as well as being a refreshing, tasty and eye-catching drink at any time of the day. 

This juice is also a powerful antioxidant and full of fiber. It will do wonders for cleaning out your digestive system and leave you feeling energized. 

Apple and beetroot juice is a great breakfast juice and a wonderfully invigorating way to start the day.

Pair it with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal or muesli to give you enough fuel to get through your busy morning. 

Have it at lunch as a revitalizing boost to power you through the rest of your day. 

Whenever you choose to treat yourself to a glass of apple and beetroot juice you will know that you are giving your body a healthy dose of goodness. 

So where does all that goodness come from? Let’s have a look at the ingredients and what they offer in this juice. 


Apples are one of the most popular fruits and offer an abundance of health benefits in terms of nutrition and fiber.

They may be 86% water but apples pack in a lot of goodness. 

This fruit is very rich in fiber and a typical 100g apple contains 4g of fiber which is 17% of your daily value.

The soluble and insoluble fiber contained in pectin from apples contributes to the friendly bacteria in your gut so keeps your digestive health in top condition. 

Vitamin C is present in apples and is an essential nutrient. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It is an antioxidant and so protects your body against free radicals. 

Potassium is the main mineral found in apples and is very important for the health of your heart. 


Beetroot is an incredible vegetable, and it is fitting that this deep red colored vegetable is so beneficial to your heart.

It has unique properties and compounds which enhance blood flow, reduce LDL cholesterol and improve the health of arteries. 

The betalains in beetroot give it its rich red color, but these compounds also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Beets are also high in fiber with one cup containing almost 4g of fiber.

Nitrates in beetroot allow the blood vessels in your body to widen and relax. This in turn reduces blood pressure and helps blood flow throughout your body.

Such a benefit also allows you to exercise for longer as increased blood flow means increased oxygen to your muscles. 

Beetroot is also high in potassium which is very important for the proper functioning of your heart. 

How To Make Apple And Beetroot Juice

Recipe For Apple And Beetroot Juice

So now let’s get stuck in to making this enticing apple and beetroot juice. There are only 3 ingredients and the process is very simple, but you will need a juicer to make this drink. 


Unsurprisingly, there are not a lot of ingredients in this recipe, but they are all you will need. 

  • 4 apples, de-seeded and cut into portions
  • ½ small beet
  • ⅓ of a lemon, peeled


  1. To begin, scrub the beets under running water with a stiff vegetable brush to remove any dirt. Wash the apples too but no need to scrub them.
  2. Core the apples with an apple core tool. This will divide the apples into handy sized pieces for putting into the juicer. 
  3. Cut the stalk off of the beet and cut in half. Slice into smaller pieces if needed, so they fit in the juicer. 
  4. Insert two of the apples into the juicer. They should be cored, but leave the skin on. There is a lot of goodness in the apple peel. 
  5. Now add the beets and the lemon. 
  6. Finally, add the remaining pieces of apple. 

You can serve the juice over some ice for a chilled juice or at room temperature. Either way it is a delightful juice with an appealing deep, rich red hue. 

Is Apple And Beetroot Juice Vegan?

All the ingredients in our apple and beetroot juice are vegan and contain no animal derived products. So it is perfectly safe for vegans and vegetarians to drink. 

Some beet and apple juice recipes include honey for added sweetness, but we haven’t. The apples provide more than enough natural sugar in this drink. 

The apple and beetroot are both high in fiber, so it is a great digestive cleanser and also has tons of antioxidants.

Both are rich in nutrients like vitamin C and potassium with the beetroot having unique heart healthy compounds as well. 

This is absolutely a vegan juice but can and should be enjoyed by everyone. 

How Many Calories Does It Have?

The amount of calories in a glass of apple and beetroot juice will depend on the exact ingredients and whether you add anything extra such as carrot, or ginger.

It will also depend on the size of the serving. 

A 180 ml glass of apple and beetroot juice will have between 46-56 calories on average. Larger servings such as a 300 ml glass will have around 90-110 calories. 

This juice is great as part of a weight loss program as it contains tons of vitamins, and minerals. But it’s also very filling, so you won’t feel hungry for a while after drinking it. 

In Conclusion

We hope this recipe for apple and beetroot juice will make it onto your list of favorite drinks as a breakfast juice or lunchtime pick me up.

Dare we say it, it also makes a fantastic ‘morning after’ head-clearing drink. 

Whatever time of day you choose to have it we know you will love this attractive and delectable healthy juice. 

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