15 Vegantastic Ninja Smoothie Recipes You’ll Love!

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to make sure that you get some fruit and vegetables into your diet.

They can be used as a convenient substitute for breakfast when you’re short on time or following a diet and they’re delicious enough to replace desserts, too.

15 Vegantastic Ninja Smoothie Recipes You'll Love!

One of the best ways to make a smooth and creamy smoothie is with a Ninja Blender. It’s one of the best and most powerful blenders on the market and is sure to blend whatever fruit or vegetables you give it.

However, many smoothie recipes use dairy products such as milk and yogurt so it can sometimes be difficult to find a variety of delicious smoothies that fit a vegan diet.

Thankfully, there are many tasty vegan options available too and in this article, we will bring you 15 vegantastic Ninja Smoothie recipes that you’re bound to love.

1. Almond Honey Flaxseed Smoothie

Flaxseed is a great ingredient if you’re hoping to make smoothies that are not only delicious but also healthy.

It has a variety of benefits as it is full of vitamins and minerals, as well as being high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Flaxseed has a nutty flavor and crunchy texture and this balances the smoothness of the almond butter and honey perfectly. The honey does make the smoothie a little sticky though, so you might want to drink it from your blender cup to save on tricky washing up.

2. Almond Joy Smoothie

This smoothie is a sneaky one as it includes spinach, but you won’t be able to tell by either looking at the smoothie or tasting it.

Only the person who makes the smoothie and sees what ingredients go into it will know it has spinach, so this smoothie is a great way to get some extra greens into someone and reap the benefits of spinach.

Instead, the strongest flavor in this smoothie is chocolate and you will also get a nutty flavor, too.

3. Autumn Balancer

The name of this smoothie doesn’t give away what ingredients are in the smoothie but it should suggest that it’s best for fall.

This is mainly because the largest portion of ingredients in the smoothie is sweet potatoes.

This vegetable has several health benefits and will ensure that you get your daily intake of vitamin A, as well as large amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

The savory taste of the smoothie is enhanced by the addition of maple syrup and nutmeg.

4. Cherry Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie is simple to make as it only contains five ingredients, or four if you don’t want to class ice as an ingredient.

The smoothie is best made with frozen cherries and these will provide the strongest flavor of the smoothie.

It also includes a good handful of spinach to make the smoothie healthier and the smoothness of the smoothie is provided by the inclusion of a banana and a cup of almond milk.

5. Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Is there any combination of flavors that is more decadent than chocolate and strawberries?

The smoothie uses cocoa powder for the chocolate flavor and a cup of frozen strawberries for the core flavor and you can swap the strawberries for raspberries if you prefer that combination.

If you like a smoothie that has a little more texture, you can add some old-fashioned oats to the mixture. Although the recipe suggests oat milk, you can also use almond milk if you prefer.

6. Cranberry Oat Smoothie

Cranberries are a great option for smoothies and are known for their healthy properties. They’re especially used to help with urinary tract infections and are loaded with various vitamins and minerals.

The oats in the title of this smoothie come from oat milk but the oaty taste of the smoothie is further enhanced by the inclusion of walnuts.

The smoothie also has a hint of vanilla about it thanks to some vanilla extract.

7. Garden Veggies

As the name suggests, this smoothie is loaded with garden vegetables, but what vegetables are they?

In this case, the vegetables are celery, green onions, parsley, and tomatoes and the smoothie also contains some apple juice and black pepper for flavor.

When mixed, it tastes like a combination of a V8 smoothie and a Bloody Mary and is ideal for anyone who loves tomato-flavored drinks. You can even add some Worcestershire sauce for some added flavor.

8. Ginja Ninja Green Smoothie

Not only does this smoothie have a catchy name but it is also delicious and full of healthy nutrients. One of the main ingredients is ginger and this is well-known for its beneficial properties when it comes to digestion.

The greens in the smoothie are avocado, kale, and spinach and between them, these are high in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamin A.

The smoothie also has a variety of other healthy ingredients such as chia seeds, dates, and bananas.

9. Green Matcha Shot

Each portion of this green matcha shot has two tablespoons of matcha powder and it’s this that gives the smoothie its deep green color.

Matcha is strong in antioxidants and these have several health benefits. The smoothie also has chia seeds, a superfood known for also being high in antioxidants as well as fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

The combination of bananas and almond milk help make this drink smooth and thick.

10. Mango Smoothie

We included this mango smoothie because of how thick and creamy it is.

You can use any type of non-dairy milk that you want in this smoothie and to make it even smoother and full of protein you can add some cashew butter, too.

The ingredients of the smoothie are pretty straightforward as in addition to your milk and some water, you only need mango and banana.

11. Strawberry-Pineapple Kale Smoothie

Kale is a wonderful ingredient that has many versatile uses as well as being healthy and full of nutrients. It’s loaded with vitamins A and K and is one of the most nutrient-dense foods there are.

The main flavor of the smoothie comes from the strawberry and pineapple in the smoothie, but it also includes some bananas for some additional smoothness.

Unlike most smoothies on this list, there isn’t any milk as it instead uses fruit juice of your choice as its liquid base.

12. Stress Buster Orange Smoothie

Oranges are a great fruit to eat year round and they’re the base of this delicious smoothie.

The high vitamin C levels of this smoothie make it ideal for the colder months when flu season is upon us but citrus drinks are also a staple of many summer vacations.

The smoothie uses both orange juice and an orange to get that rich flavor and it’s enhanced by the inclusion of a carrot. The smoothness comes from two ripe bananas and the smoothie has also a light vanilla flavor due to some vanilla extract.

13. Sunrise Fruit Smoothie

The sunrise in this smoothie comes from the combination of berries that make the core of the drink.

You will need half a cup of frozen strawberries and another half cup of frozen mixed berries, such as raspberries or blueberries.

The smoothie also includes some greens in the form of kale and spinach and its liquid base comes from chilled green tea.

14. Sunrise Super Smoothie

Although this is our second smoothie in a row that has the word “sunrise” in its title, it couldn’t be more different from the previous drink.

The sunrise in this drink comes from its light orange color and the inclusion of ingredients such as oranges, carrots, and pineapple. It has a little snap to it, however, due to the addition of both ginger and turmeric.

It also has hemp hearts, which are a great source of omega-fatty acids. Hemp hearts can aid with cardiovascular health and they also contain anti-inflammatory properties.

15. Tropical Carrot Smoothie

The final vegantastic smoothie on our list is this tropical carrot smoothie.

It won’t be surprising to learn that the smoothie includes carrots but the flavor of the carrots doesn’t overpower the tropical flavors of the other ingredients.

Instead, the carrots balance well with the frozen strawberries, frozen mango, orange, and pineapple chunks that make up the “tropical” part of the smoothie’s name.

The liquid base of the smoothie comes from either coconut water or regular water. If the fruits are a little too tart for your taste you can add a little sugar or sweetener.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 15 vegantastic Ninja smoothie recipes that you’re sure to love.

All of the recipes were designed for a Ninja blender but with a few adjustments to quantities, you should be able to make them in any blender you wish.

All of the recipes are vegan and delicious and are sure to make any smoothie lover smile.

We hope you enjoy making all of these delicious smoothies and that they become staples of your smoothie-making routine.

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